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The Coalition of Somalia Human Rights Defenders (CSHRDs) is a non governmental, non-partisan and human rights organization which is registered under the Non Governmental Act and composed of members with notable experience in the fiel of human rights. The main objective of the CSHRDs-Coalition is to work towards enhancing the Promotion and protection of Human rights and defending the CSHRDs in the Federal Republic of Somalia. It is registered under the Ministry of Interior. CSHRDs-Coalition is comprised of both individual and organizational memberships, whereby as of Oct 2020 it had …………… members who are basically human rights defenders journalists, humanitarian workers, lawyers, and other human rights activists in Somalia (CSHRDs). Its membership and representation in terms of operation is spread all over the Federal Republic of Somalia (Federal and regional states).

The main interest of this coalition is to, inter alia, work towards enhanced security and protection of the HRDs in the Federal Republic of Somalia. It also intends to strengthen regional and international interventions towards protection and promotion of the rights and responsibilities of the HRDs. The ultimate result of all these, as this coalition visualizes is a contribution to creation of safer working environment for the CSHRDs. It has been and still intends to work closely with different stakeholders including local, regional, international organizations, individual Human rights activists; development partners; Federal Government and other relevant stakeholders.

Understanding the Nature of CSHRDs-Coalition

Coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders abbreviated as CSHRDS www.cshrds.org was established by a determined group of HRDs from different local Human rights groups based in Somalia on 10th September 2020 and their move towards establishing this coalition that comprises more than 50 local human rights organizations comes after havingm considered the dire need for strong representation of HRDs rights and interests both locally and internationally given the country’s situation where the political and security situation are main challenges to HRDs’ daily activities. Most of HRDs work under low profile mode just to prevent against threats and physical attacks against them and their families. In the very beginning of the establsihment this Coalition, a handful of HRDs met to discuss issues and challenges facing HRDs and started to engage in serious of serious talks on daily basis in early August 2020, these discussions took place via zoom and WhatsApp group live discussions which led to a unanimous decision to establish a Coalition that represents all HRDs in Somalia inclusively in order to promote, defend and advocate effectively for human rights and represent HRDs interests at all levels and in all platforms and form one amplified strong voice. The HRDs group started to call their colleagues to join them in their efforts to establish a coalition that stands for their rights and the rights of the people of this country. The group made their mission promotion, defense and advocacy of human rights in Somalia. Subsequently and gradually local human rights organizations (small and giant) commenced to join the coalition in order to establish the largest coalition of HRDs in the horn of Africa region. The coalition is growing ever since. (Necessity is the mother of invention)This Basic discussion paper out lines the coalition’s main strategic focus, objectives, out puts and the way forward.

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