Somalia: New Peacebuilding Initiative by AP & HANAHR

Somalia: New Peacebuilding Initiative by AP & HANAHR

New Peacebuilding Initiative in Somalia is commended to be pioneering in using the media innovatively.

Institut Für Auslandsbeziehungen IFA Zivik Funding and the German Foreign Affairs Office have funded innovative Peacebuilding Initiative in Somalia implemented by the Agency for Peacebuilding AP based in Italy and the Horn Afrik News Agency for Human Rights HANAHR based in the HOA region in Somalia and the initiative created Somalia Media Hub which will promote peace, human rights and democracy in Somalia by training journalists on how to report on peace, human rights and democracy.

The trained journalists have already produced some journalistic work where they have covered to give visibility to the successful work of some prominent Somali Women Peace Mediators like this one

It is great work done to honor her peacebuilding work as a conflict mediator in Hargeisa SL, Somalia

CSHRDs Advocacy Team



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