Somalia: (20.08.2021) -CSHRDS Meeting with Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee (EDRC)

Somalia: (20.08.2021) -CSHRDS Meeting with Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee (EDRC)

The coalition of Somali human rights defenders CSHRDS speeds up efforts to engage with Somalia election stakeholders and today, Sayid Ali M. (CSHRDS senior coordinator of the human rights monitoring team for the election in Somalia) meets with deputy Chairperson of the Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee EDRC; Mr. Maxamed Ibrahim Barre.

Sayid Ali from CSHRDS (left) and Maxamed Ibrahim from EDRC (Right)

Sayid Ali discusses with the EDRC deputy Chairperson (Maxamed Ibrahim) about many issues concerning elections including independent human rights monitoring during elections in Somalia and the independent role that CSHRDS can play in the human rights observation during elections and the importance of finding ways for collaboration and possibilities to support the election observation hotlines setup by the CSHRDS in all regions in Somalia intended for the observation and reporting of human rights violations during elections. Such as meeting between the government and CSOs demonstrates the significance of collaboration amongst all strategic partners to unify efforts towards improving human rights situation in Somalia.

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