Press Release: Journalists Arrested and Tortured for News Coversge

Press Release: Journalists Arrested and Tortured for News Coversge

Journalists in Somalia operating at great personal risk.

See video in this link for details

The recent attack, attempted murder and the subsequent arrest, torture and confiscation of equipment carried out by the police of Wadajir district, Mogadishu, on Monday morning 18-07-2022 against journalists from Arlaadi Media Network.

The police force attacked journalist Mohamed Nur Mohamed (Mohamad Nur Franca) and photographer Munasar Abdirahman while they were making videos and interviews about how the closure of the road connecting between El Qalow and Bulo Hubey in Wadajir district affected the public transport. The recent torrential rains in Mogadishu caused flash floods that landed in the huge potholes of the main street which formed a kind of river in the main street connecting Wadajir district to Mogadishu’s down town.

Despite the journalists legitimate right to inform the public and make news about any news worthy issues such this, the police attacked them and violated their constitional rights and other rights stated in the in the Universal declaration of human rights (freedom of expression and freedom of speech as well as press freedom)

The police in Somalia is supposed to be the guardian of the law and not the one that violates it. Therefore, we call for immediate measures taken by the district police and the federal government of Somalia to compensate the journalists and return their equipment and ensure the respect the rule of law and basic human rights.


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