Mogadishu: Assassination of Freelance Camerman

Mogadishu: Assassination of Freelance Camerman

26-11-2023 on a Sunday, Mogadishu time 9:06 AM  – Mohamed Yusuf Ahmed (our freelance cameraman) was shot dead in front of his family when two armed men with face masks stormed his home in Madina district.

Another painful assassination of a colleague and very humble man (Mr Maxamed Yuusuf) comes after one week from the failed assassination of Habiba (WHRD) in Afgoye District 25 km south of Mogadishu.

Today was another shocking day for all of us, after our colleague (Mr Maxamed Yuusuf) was reported dead in a well planned attack by three armed men with face masks.

Eyewitnesses reported that one of the assailants stood in front of his home where two other armed men entered his home and shot him to death in front if his wife and children.

The assailants escaped from the scene and got away with the murder as impunity prevails due to weak justice institutions in Somalia and increasing insurgency of al-shabab despite the war announced by the government against al-shabab.

The ongoing war against alshabab stalled and the extremist insurgence improvised new tactics to target state and civilian entities, amid growing fears over the arming of local clan militias (Macawiisley) could create another security challenge for Somalia and has the potential to ignite inter – clan wars.

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