Coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders CSHRDS – Monthly Report

Coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders CSHRDS – Monthly Report


UPR Recommendations for Somalia

May 6 – UN Human Rights Council – At its Universal Periodic Review, states recommended that #Somalia: Ratifies the Rome statute of the @IntlCrimCourt and # Activates the national human rights commission as soon as possible.  #UPR38 WATCH CSHRDS is concerned about whether there is the political will for Somalia to ratify the Rome statute of the ICC, because of the political process in Somalia included warlords and other perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity who will not spare an effort to prevent Somalia from ratifying Rome statute of the ICC for them to avoid any criminal charges by the ICC, according to our observations during virtual discussions between CSOs and the relevant ministries of Somalia concerning the current UPR recommendations.

Elections in Somalia & Press Freedom

May 17#Somalia: Journalist Fardowso Mohamud Sahal @Kulmiyeradio was injured by police officers while she was covering a protest yesterday. @CSHRDS strongly condemns this act of violence against the press in #Mogadishu, just a few weeks after the violent attack on @MediaMustaqbal
May 27 – H.E President @M_Farmaajo arrives at the Afisyooni venue to lead the completion of the Sep 17 2020 elections agreement by FGS-FMS leaders. This comes after the finalization of National Electoral Consultative Summit in #Mogadishu to pave way for successful #SomaliaElections2021, History is made again today in Somalia, after the awaited electoral agreement is reached by the domestic political stakeholders. Elections will soon commence to elect new president and new parliament.
June 19 In reference to the outcome of National Consultative Summit btw FGS &FMS concluded in Mogadishu on 27 May, the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia H.E @, has issued on Saturday the final list of election committees deeply reviewed including Federal & State-levels.
May 31 – Somaliland Holds elections of 1p 1v style but critics accuse local authorities of excluding from the elections where all women candidates won no seast except one woman who won in Buhodle area which is the biggest for many local human rights observers. In the elections — voters were tasked with choosing from nearly 250 candidates running for 82 parliamentary seats, and about 1,000 contesting 249 councillor posts.
This is the first time national and local elections were held together and with more than one million citizens registered to participate in the parliamentary and council polls — which were both long overdue, President Muse Bihi Abdi and the leaders of Somaliland’s two opposition parties called for an orderly vote as they cast their ballots in the capital Hargeisa. Somaliland is commended by many for its democratic and peaceful elections.

Civilians in Conflict Zones

4 June –  kdf conducted airstrikes in Gedo region in south Somalia, the air strike reportedly killed several civilians and left many other injured, amongst them children. Somalia’s ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation has issued statement dated June 04 2021 and addressed to AMISOM where the ministry condemned the air strike as irresponsible and hostile act, subsequently, AMISOM issued a statement dated June 05 2021 saying that they will open an inquiry into the air strike conducted by the kdf which caused several casualties among civilians in Gedo, Somalia.

Sexual Violence & Arbitrary Arrests of Women

May 21 – @ShabelleMedia – UPDATE: A group of Somali soldiers have allegedly gang-raped three women from same family last Friday in Daynile district of Mogadishu while on their way back from Darusalam where they celebrated the 2nd day of Eid al Fitr.
June 6@MohamedHRoble visited Jowhar and highlighted the dire humanitarian situation in shabele region. His visit coincided while the local police arbitrarily detained women without any official arrest warrant or criminal charges, but were later released after some MPs made successful efforts for their release. Amongst the detained women; Ubah Ali, a middle aged woman, who spent 15 days in prison without access to lawyer, and proper legal procedure.
June 17 – A girl was gang raped in Elasha biyaha by 14 men, where 8 of them were arrested and 6 are at large.

Terror Attacks

May 22 – Updates May 21 (Sunday)Chairman of Garasbaley Abdirahman Garyare among 4 killed today in IED explosion shortly after leaving a mosque, state media. Back in Jan, his deputy Ali Mohamed Moalin, and youth activist & former journalist Abdirashid Dubad also died in IED attack.
May 23 – Reports from Baidoa, Somalia: a hand grenade bomb attack against the police in Bardale neighbourhood in Baidoa prompted police opening fire indiscriminately again civilians in the street where several casualties are confirmed.
15 June – ten new army recruits were killed and 20 others reportedly wounded when a terrorist suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of General Dhago Badan army training camp in Mogadishu on Tuesday, SNA Chief Ge. Odawaa, told the local Media today.
June 20 – Axmed Cali; soldier from the Gorgor brigade, was killed by alshabab hitmen in madina district nearby cinema Mogadishu.
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