Founding Members (CHRDS – Coalitions)

List of the Founding Members:

1. Horn News Agency For Human Rights (HANAHR). HANAHR promotes, defends and advocates for human rights with women human rights as top priority in horn of Africa region.

Contact Details: Nasra Xasan


2. ISHA HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATION Improving human rights protection thought peace, justice, human right awareness  Email:

3. SOMALI HUMAN RIGHTS ASSOCIATION (SOHRA) Elimination of Culture of impunity in Somalia.  Email:

4. INISKOY PEACE & DEVELOPMENT  ORGANISATION (IPDO) will promote sustainable development, protect and enhance the rights of silent majority and marginalized groups.  We work together with local and international institutions over worldwide in order to share and exchange with them their long experience in this field improving the capacity of our resources and management practice with adhering Peace, Development, Email: and                                          

5. Socio-Economic Development and Human Rights Organization (SEDHURO). SEDHURO mission is to contribute and foster the ideals of human rights, democracy, good governance, safety and security and access to basic livelihoods and social services targeting the most vulnerable and hard to reach population. Email:



8. Somali community action group (SCAG) To Help and Develop the Distressed, Needy, Neglected znd Vulnerable People In South West Somali Regions Socially, Politically And Economically By Providing Them Necessary Assistance For Sustaining Their Lives And Conditions.  Email: 


      Banadir Somalia

10. ADVTSOM – is the Agency against discrimination, violence and torture is a national organization based in Somalia and has operational presence in Mogadishu and Baidoa. ADVTSOM particularly focuses on advocating for inclusion and representation, fight against discrimination, violence and torture on any ground, such as: sex, race, language, religion, disability, gender, political or other opinion, Social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth, or any other status, ADVTSOM Fights violence, drug abuse, Corruptions, empower women, lobby education for all and encourage production safe sanitary pads. Contact Person: Amal Abdullahi.  Email:

11. Maternal Mercy and Development MMD , Contactperson: Asad Abukar Ali , Email:

12. Irman foundation
To mobilize resources for Somali Communities in both urban and rural areas on equity, justice, and access to basic services and rights basis.
To work with communities by achieving sustainable, equitable economic recourses’ and social development programs that promote peace and justice to the neediest communities.   Contact person Cabdiraxmaan Siciid
Tel: +252614828000

13. Somali Humanitarian Organization (SHO) To offer well thought out and precise solutions that focus on problem at hand by continuously focusing on environmental sound interventions, equity, health, good governance, justice, democracy and human rights. Email. and

14. Iftin Education and Development. Education and and advocacy for poverty eradication. Email:

15. Mother & Child Welfare Organisation (MACWO). To promote and protect the rights of people in worldwide and to cry out and stand against inequality, injustice and misuse of power. Also to promote human rights respect through human rights education, health, good governance, democracy awareness raising and investigation, documentation, monitoring and advocacy of human right abuses. Email.

16. Horn Afrik Refugees Network  – it is a network of urban refugees in horn of Africa region of which mission is to protect and                        advocate for urban refugees rights , Email: 

17. Somali Disability Journalist Association (SODJA)
SODJA mission is the distribution of protection services, skills development and
Professional journalist equipment and tools necessary access for the fulfillment of
Their duties and works to the community
Contact Address:
HQ Office: Waberi District, Mogadishu-Somalia
Mob: +252 614 41 95 54 / +252 619 44 44 42

18. HirShabelle human rights Centre (SHRC)
SHRC will strive to receive protection, fulfillment of minimum human rights standards, and equal participation for all levels in social affairs in terms of political, cultural, economic, security, justice, employment, freedom speech and to obtain sustainable and inclusive democracy.

As well as SHRC will ensure dignity and human rights of all persons, including refugees, IDPs, minorities, women, disabled, aged and children living in the HirShabelle State of Somalia, are fully respected, realized and protected by the rule of law.


19. Somali Women Development Organisation(SOWDI) by Faduma Ali Adan
20. Agrocare Human Rights and Development Organisation by Mohamed Abdullahi Nuur
21. Action for Peace and Development Organization (APDO).
22. Somali peace and human rights centre (SPHRC), Faisal Abdullahi Ali, chairman, M.+252618534443

23. Centre for Human Rights & Peace (CHRP) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit human rights organization committed to defending the rights of poor, marginalized and socially excluded communities and individuals, with a special focus on women, children and youth. CHRP works with (1) promoting good governance (2) advocating and training for policy change, rights based approach, influence, awareness rising, and capacity building to cope with and respond to changing human rights dynamics and (3) monitoring, reporting and responding to human rights violations in Galmudug state of Somalia.

Vision Statement

  • A life of freedom and dignity to everyone regardless race, ethnicity and sex, free of violence and human rights abuses in Galmudug state, justice and peace are our vision
  • To defend all civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Galmudug.
  • A society that respects and upholds human rights and human dignity

Mission statement 

  • Working togetherness for socio- economic development to the target societies through the strengthening their capacity and the implementation of human rights protection interventions with participatory approach to all levels of community to defeat poverty, ignorance and reach prosperous with stability and protective environment.
  • To promote social justice in Galmudug state through research, capacity building, advocacy and public interest litigation