CSHRDs is a member of the Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum.

Members of the Coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders (CHRDS)

*** membership has two categories: 

  1. Full membership
  2. Associate membership 

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List of the Members: 

1. Horn News Agency For Human Rights (HANAHR)

Mission –  HANAHR promotes, defends and advocates for human rights with women & children rights as top priority in horn of Africa region. 

Contact Details: Shadiya A. , Email: 

2. ISHA HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATION Improving human rights protection thought peace, justice, human right awareness. Horsed Village Section 4 Baidoa-Somalia 252 Baydhabo, Somalia

Highlights info row image+252 61 3845050 Highlights info row   Email: 

3. SOMALI HUMAN RIGHTS ASSOCIATION (SOHRA) Elimination of Culture of impunity in Somalia.  Email: 

4. INISKOY PEACE & DEVELOPMENT  ORGANISATION (IPDO) will promote sustainable development, protect and enhance the rights of silent majority and marginalized groups.  We work together with local and international institutions over worldwide in order to share and exchange with them their long experience in this field improving the capacity of our resources and management practice with adhering Peace, Development, Email: and

5. Socio-Economic Development and Human Rights Organization (SEDHURO). SEDHURO mission is to contribute and foster the ideals of human rights, democracy, good governance, safety and security and access to basic livelihoods and social services targeting the most vulnerable and hard to reach population. Email: 



8. Somali community action group (SCAG) To Help and Develop the Distressed, Needy, Neglected znd Vulnerable People In South West Somali Regions Socially, Politically And Economically By Providing Them Necessary Assistance For Sustaining Their Lives And Conditions.  Email: 


      Banadir, Somalia

10. ADVTSOM – is the Agency against discrimination, violence and torture is a national organization based in Somalia and has operational presence in Mogadishu and Baidoa. ADVTSOM particularly focuses on advocating for inclusion and representation, fight against discrimination, violence and torture on any ground, such as: sex, race, language, religion, disability, gender, political or other opinion, Social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth, or any other status, ADVTSOM Fights violence, drug abuse, Corruptions, empower women, lobby education for all and encourage production safe sanitary pads. Contact Person: Amal Abdullahi.  Email: 

11. Maternal Mercy and Development MMD , Contactperson: Asad Abukar Ali , Email:

12. Irman foundation
To mobilize resources for Somali Communities in both urban and rural areas on equity, justice, and access to basic services and rights basis.
To work with communities by achieving sustainable, equitable economic recourses’ and social development programs that promote peace and justice to the neediest communities.   Contact person Cabdiraxmaan Siciid , Email: ,  Tel: +252614828000     

13. Somali Humanitarian Organization (SHO) To offer well thought out and precise solutions that focus on problem at hand by continuously focusing on environmental sound interventions, equity, health, good governance, justice, democracy and human rights. Email. and

14. Iftin Education and Development. Education and and advocacy for poverty eradication. Email:

15. Mother & Child Welfare Organisation (MACWO). To promote and protect the rights of people in worldwide and to cry out and stand against inequality, injustice and misuse of power. Also to promote human rights respect through human rights education, health, good governance, democracy awareness raising and investigation, documentation, monitoring and advocacy of human right abuses. Email.

16. Horn Afrik Refugees Network  – it is a network of urban refugees in horn of Africa region of which mission is to protect and advocate for urban refugees rights.


17. Somali Disability Journalist Association (SODJA)
SODJA mission is the distribution of protection services, skills development and
Professional journalist equipment and tools necessary access for the fulfillment of
Their duties and works to the community
Contact Address:
HQ Office: Waberi District, Mogadishu-Somalia
Mob: +252 614 41 95 54 / +252 619 44 44 42   

18. World Council on Peace & Hope WCPH – Somalia Chapter   ,   

Mission: Fighting Injustice and poverty inflicted on Women & Children in Africa and in Somalia. 


19. Somali Women Development Organisation(SOWDI) by Faduma Ali Adan
20.  AGROCARE –  Mission: Protection of all human rights for all people; to help empower people to realize their rights. Contact address and website: , Contact person: Mohamed Abdullahi, E-mail: ,, Tel: 00252615501542

21. Action for Peace and Development Organization (APDO).
22. Somali peace and human rights centre (SPHRC), Faisal Abdullahi Ali, chairman, M.+252618534443 

23. Centre for Human Rights & Peace (CHRP) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit human rights organization committed to defending the rights of poor, marginalized and socially excluded communities and individuals, with a special focus on women, children and youth. 

Vision Statement

  • A society that respects and upholds human rights and human dignity.

Mission statement 

  • To promote social justice in Galmudug state through research, capacity building, advocacy and litigation.
  • Email:

 24. Somali Women & Child Care Association  – Email:
Main Office
Liberia Road near Shaqalaha Junction.
Local Branch Offices
Walawayn and Baidoa.
Contact person executive Dirictor :Said Abdikadir Ahmed
Tell: 0615860004

25. Southwest Human Rights Defenders Network SWHRDN 

26. Allamagan Human Rights Centre – contact person : Mihila

27. Somali disability network
Contact person  –  Abdullahi hussein osman

28. MCA-Network  –  General Director: Ibrahim Hassan 
Coordination Office-
Next- Somali- Hotel.
Mogadishu- Somalia

29. Humanitarian & Development Cluster ,

30. WOMEN HUMAN RIGHTS ACTION CENTER WHRAC is women – led Land defenders organization that works on environmental and land defense. 

Mission: – Empowering Women & Girls  who are Land defenders

– Protecting and Advocating for the Land defenders

Vision: Creating an environment in which all in charge of their land and given the chance to be part of the decision makers. 

HQ; Kismayo, Somalia with sub office in Beledweyne. 

Email:, T. 061555423

Program Manager: Asiya Maxamed, Chairwoman: Maariya Cabdiqaadir.     

31. Somaliland Research & Relief Organization SOMRAR , is a research based development & human rights NGO,

Email:   ,   


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33. DARYEL HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION Type of the Organization: Local NGO. Organizational Base: Bay ,Bakool, Lower Shabeele region. Areas of Coverage: Southwest State of Somalia Establishment Date: 1st February, 2005 Acronym: DHRO Founder Members: Seven Contact Person: Ali Hassan Abdirahman Title: Chairman Telephone: +252616734044/+252612556696 Email Address:

Mission: To improve protection of human rights through advocacy.

34. Kalkal Human Rights Development Organization {KAHRD­O}
Higway Baid­oa Somalia ,Infront Alami Hotel, Area Da­habshil Inte­rnational Bank.
TEL: +252611635158/+252617-753454.

KAHRDO is engaged in Human Rights protection with focus on vulnerable groups through lobbying and advocacy as well as peace building and community security through providing free legal aid service in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders in order to reduce all kinds of violence in Somalia.
KAHRDO wants to be premier organization that foresees creation of society where women are actively involved where they have equal access to resources and where areas of advocacy and policy influence their own betterment, their families and their communities. KAHRDO creates an environment where Somali women are free from all kinds of human rights violations


35. Action for Girl’s Education (AGE) – based in Hiiraan, Somalia. Mission: Fighting for Girl’s right to education, Contact, Email:

36. Child Soldiers Rehabilitation Centre – CSRC. CSRC is based in Banadir region and its mission is to work to rehabilitate child soldiers and promote their rights. Contact, Email:

37. Somali Journalists for Human Rights – SJHR.

SJHR is based in south and north Somalia and its mission is to fight for human rights of all citizens

38. Lawyer for Human Rights Somalia – LHRS

LHRS is based in Somalia and operates in whole Somalia.

Mission: access to justice for all.

39. Galmudug Peace & Human Rights Center – is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that works in Somalia specially Galmudug State to protect human rights and civil rights and ensure peaceful co-existence through promoting trust and collaboration between the diverse components of the society and supporting governmental and non-governmental institutions in developing policies guaranteeing freedoms, rights and social justice in accordance with international standards.
Contact person Name: Iqra, Tell: +252 615156394 Email:

40. Somali Community Solidarity Center – (SCSC)

Head Quarter. Mogadishu – Somalia

Mission – Building community resilience

E-mail Address:

Facebook: SCSC Somalia

Twitter: SCSC_Center

41. Somalia environmental conservation association SENCA – grassroot organization that works to promote environmental conservation in Somalia.


42. Mogadishu Paralegal Action (MPA) – Founded in 10th January 2014.

Place of foundation: Mogadishu          

Area of Intervention: Mogadishu IDP’s Camps

Contact Address: Hodan Mogadishu


Contact Person: Sahra Nor Abukar

Ttile: Director  


Cell: +252 612 536752


Mision: – providing free justice services, counseling, negotiation, mediation, community mobilization, use of media, direct appeals to government contacts, and administrative procedures on a case-by-case basis and, employs an array of tools and strategies, to resolve justice problems faster backed by lawyers who can engage in litigation when necessary.