CSHRDs Recognises Fadumo Abdullahi Mohamud as WHRD of the Year 2021.

Faduma A. Is a recognised WHRD and senior member of the coalition of Somali human rights defenders CSHRDS www.cshrds.org, she works on the improvement of women human rights in Somalia applying nonviolent Advocacy methods.

She helps protect HRDs/WHRDs at risk with necessary means to ensure their safety and security. She is known with her commitment to the advocacy of women rights in Somalia and sustained work towards bringing positive change that serves and guarantees all human rights for all.

Faduma A. M. (WHRD of the year 2021)

faduma is well defined by her human rights advocacy work in fragile nation of Somalia by demonstrating courage and continued commitment in the most difficult context to always serve for the improvement of human rights situation on the ground in Somalia by working and collaborating with all stakeholders.