Somalia: Senior German Diplomat Meets with Senior Somali HRDs

Senior German Diplomat (Martin Stein) met today with senior HRDs from the coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders CSHRDS led by Asad Dhayow and Faduma Abdullahi in Decale Hotel in Mogadishu airport.

Martin (right), Faduma (in the middle), Asad (left).

The meeting discussed human rights situation in Somalia and promotion of advocacy for human rights in Somalia as well as possibilities of German support in this regard.

Germany is a strong international partner and stakeholder to the human rights etc. in Somalia. The meeting discussed the importance of upholding and improvement of human rights situation in Somalia (a country ravaged by long standing armed conflict and extremist insurgency, where human rights violations occurance is sustained by prevalent impunity)

CSHRDS is committed to change the human rights situation in Somalia through upholding justice and the rule of law and ensuring the protection of HRDs. CSHRDS is building strong relationship with Somalia’s domestic and international stakeholders and partners in order to improve the human rights situation of the country.