Commemoration of Somali National Human Rights Day in August 27, 2021.

27.08.2021 – The Ministry of Women & Human Rights Development of the Federal Republic of Somalia has arranged today a ceremony to celebrate the Somali national human rights day; which is celebrated in August 27, in every year.

A senior human rights advocate and Public relations lead person from the coalition of Somali human rights defenders CSHRDS (Mohamed Abdullahi aka Shiino) has been invited to the event by the ministry and he delivered his public speech about the importance of this day for Somalia to celebrate and meet its international obligations of human rights towards its citizens and the fulfilment of the Universal Declaration of human rights.

Shiino addressing the gathering
Shiino getting ready to address the gathering observing the Somali national human rights day (August 28)

The event was attended by government officials and civil society organisations to mark this well celebrated day at national level. Somalia adopting and applying internationally acclaimed human rights values is as important as this national day is – Mohamed Shiino stresses and urges all attendants to unite for a better human rights advocacy where all marginalised communities and women get good political representation in Somalia.

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