CSHRDS – Activities Report Since July 2020

The coalition of Somali human rights defenders CSHRDS www.cshrds.org (Human Rights CSO that represents the interests of WHRDS/HRDS)

CSHRDS has undertaken different activities since July 2020 and that includes:

  1. Held the largest HRD virtual meeting in August 2020
  2. Helped with the relocation of WHRDs/HRDs at risk in Somalia in August 2020 and in April 2021
  3. produced the 2020 anual human rights report of Somalia in December 2020
  4. Helped with the aid effectiveness to Somalia
  5. Helped in easing access to justice and information exchange
  6. Engaged with the EU delegation to Somalia Nairobi office in virtual meeting
  7. Engaged with the Swdeish and French embassy to Somalia in virtual meeting and discussed human rights situation in Somalia
  8. Had virtual discussions with Somalia Human Rights Working Group led currently the US and UK embassies to Somalia and discussed human rights advocacy and UPR recommendation
  9. Established hotline numbers in July 2021 for all Somalia electoral regions to observe human rights violations during elections.