Somalia: CSHRDS Sets up Hotline Numbers for Human Rights Observation During Elections.

The Coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders CSHRDS sets up Hotline numbers for human rights violations observation and reporting in all federal member states of Somalia FMS plus Banadir region and the hotline numbers are assigned as follows:

CSHRD hotline numbers:

  1. 0627423831 Banadir Region – The Central – (CSHRDS HQ)
  2. 0627423832 South west state
  3. 0627423833 Puntland (Puntland HRD office)
  4. 0627423834 Hirshabelle
  5. 0627423835 Jubaland
  6. 0627423836 Galmudug

This hotline numbers will be used to report human rights violations in all FMS during elections. CSHRDS member organization in a given FMS will regularly obverse and report human rights violations in real time at least once in a week. The CSHRDS HQ will collect, analyse and keep record of all reports of human rights violations during elections and will eventually dessiminate and publish once the elections come to an end, and share it with all its partners.

CSHRDS Somaia Elections Observation Team