Somalia: CSHRDS condemns the unjustified and arbitrary arrest of colleague Hassan Moalim Yusuf aka Hassan Black.

CSHRDS condemns the arbitrary arrest of colleague Hassan Black (Director of CENTER FOR PEACE & HUMAN RIGHTS) in Baidoa. Hassan Black was arrested by the local authority on 17th April 2021, in the airport after he came with a local flight from Mogadishu to Baidoa.

CSHRDS believes that his arrest is politically motivated and is aimed at harassing and defaming the HRD through unjustified criminalization.

Hassan Black was a critic against the local authority and accused them of marginalised of an entire communities inhabited in south west state of Somalia and leaving them at the mercy of Alshabab’s guns and carnage in Bakool region.

He used to criticise the local authority of corruption, mismanagement of funds and human rights violations against unarmed civilians and systematic impunity.

Hassan Black was sentenced on 1st May 2021, to one and half year in prison by the regional court in Baidoa in a draconian and unjustified ruling in flawed process. Hassan Black served in the region as a local MP in the past.

CSHRDS calls the local authority for his unconditional and immediate release and for the local and international human rights watch dogs to put pressure on the authorities to release HRD ; Hassan Black.

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