Somalia News Alert – (31 January 2021): Alshabab Carries Out “Deadly Major Attack on Hotel Afrik in Mogadishu”

Today; AlShabaab has reportedly attacked Hotel Afrik attack in #Mogadishu on the road to the international airport. The attack has claimed mainly civilian lives including a newly married couple and a young man who was working for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and an Ex-Somalia police Gen. Galal who reportedly was their main target of Alshabab, unconfirmed reports suggest that alshabab accuses the general of being “involved” in #US airstrike that killed group’s senior military commander Adan Hashi Ayrow in 2008.

According to local reports; today’s AlShabaab attack on #Mogadishu’s Hotel Afrik ended after nearly 10 hrs siege. At least 15 people killed. Ex-#Somalia’s Defense Minister, Gen. Mohamad Nur Galal, Police officer, Major Ali Dhuh Barre, 4 Turkish-trained Somali troops (Haramcad) & 4 AS attackers among dead.

CSHRDS Human Rights Monitoring Team